Roza G. Bayrak

Following the research path that excites me.


Room B-4018 Sony Building

1400 18th Ave S

Nashville, TN 37212

I am a Research Assistant Professor in Computer Science at the Vanderbilt University. My research focuses on large-scale neuroimaging data analysis. During my PhD, I developed individual specific computational approaches to improve precision in brain mapping.

I have expertise and publication track record in:

  • multivariate time series modeling and analysis for brain-body research,
  • interactive data visualization and analysis,
  • graph-based advanced machine learning, and
  • diffusion tractography.

I was advised by and presently collaborate with Prof. Catie Chang.

I am an active member and previously served in leadership positions in several open science initiatives and communities, including the Organization for Human Brain Mapping’s Open Science Special Interest Group, PhysioPy, and BrainHack School. My work is deeply influenced by and incorporates best practices in reproducible research and open science.


Jun 25, 2024 Presenting 3 abstracts at the OHBM Annual Meeting!
Jun 21, 2024 #milestone: Submitted my first co-I Brain Initiative RFA! :sparkles: :relaxed:

selected publications

  1. NeurIPS
    Neurograph: Benchmarks for graph machine learning in brain connectomics
    Anwar Said, Roza G Bayrak, Tyler Derr , and 4 more authors
    Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems, 2023