March 2023
Two abstracts accepted to OHBM 2023! (1) Tracing peripheral physiology in low-frequency fMRI dynamics, (2) Physiopy: a Python suite for handling physiological data recorded in MRI settings. Can't wait to see y'all in Montreal!
03.13 Did not submit a paper to MICCAI 2023, but peer reviewing this year! By far one of my favorite conferences in the field :) 03.08 Presenting our latest work at the Women in Data Science (mini) Conference today, here at Vanderbilt!

February 2023
02.17 Peer reviewing for MIDL! Always so excited to see what new year stores in science advancements!

September 2022
09.18-09.22 Attending my first in person conference, MICCAI 2022.

July 2022
07.31 I will be presenting our new framework where we predict functional boundaries from structural data using Spherical CNNs in MICCAI 2022 PRIME Workshop! I am looking forward to get community input. See you in Singapore!

May 2022
05.02 Thesis proposed, approved!

June 2022
06.20 First day of OHBM 2022 Open Science Room. You can find the list of events we have planned for Open Science enthusiats here: OSR 2022 Schedule
06.16 Not going to Scotland, VISA issues. I am pretty bummed but on the bright side, really appreciate that now conferences offer hybrid option!

March 2022
03.16 Going to Scotland! OHBM, here I come woohoo! *First in-person conference, pandemic Phd students chronicles!

October 2021
10.22 Exciting news! Elected as the Chair (WOW!) of Open Science Room at OHBM OSSIG. Looking forward to working with this brilliant people who are working towards a common goal: unlocking the science!
10.18 "TractEM: Evaluation of protocols for deterministic tractography white matter atlas." has been accepted to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)!

September 2021
09.30 Presenting our paper at MICCAI!
In "From Brain to Body: Learning Low-Frequency Respiration and Cardiac Signals from fMRI Dynamics", using resting state fMRI data, we jointly reconstruct continuous, slow changes in breathing (respiratory volume; RV) and heart rate (HR) when physiological recordings are absent. We show that recurrent neural networks can result in generalizable models that are transferable to fMRI scans of varying durations and different (task) fMRI conditions.

August 2021
08.24 Our NIH Grant, The NEI Research Grant for Secondary Data Analysis (R21), got accepted! Wohaaa!
08.05 Giving a talk at VISE RiPS Seminar, titled "Signal in the noise: physiological components of fMRI data".

July 2021
07.11 Paper accepted to MICCAI 2021!

May 2021
05.06 Appointed as the new President of Women of VISE!

March 2021
03.19 Received a Merit Abstract Award for my first OHBM abstract! Oh WOW, hooray! :)
03.15 Two abstracts submitted to OHBM got accepted!
- From brain to body: Learning Respiration and Heart Rate Fluctuations from fMRI data (first author).
- Relating BOLD low-frequency physiological patterns to behavioral and cognitive traits (second author).
03.03 Submitted a paper to the MICCAI 2021 Conference!

February 2021
02.01 Submitted to OHBM for the first time, excited!

January 2021
18th-22nd Women of VISE is hosting a wikithon to address the gender gap on Wikipedia.

December 2020
12.11 Submitted a very cool paper to the IPMI Conference!

October 2020
10.24 Presenting at IEEEVIS this Tuesday (2:20pm CST), find me PRAGMA.
10.19 Featured via Vanderbilt School of Engineering.

September 2020
09.18 Deep Physio Recon is granted the MICCAI 2020 NIH Award!
09.08 PRAGMA received the Best Paper Honorable Mention on IEEE VIS Conference!